Dantra International (Europe)


Flexibility and Safety



Cooperation with Dantra builds on customer-tailored logistics and flexibility. Our key values are safety, quality and precision, that we endeavour to comply with for our customers and in everything we do. Dantra has all necessary authorizations and drives safely and according to the rules in force. We are ADR, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SQAS certified and certified to drive with liquid chemicals, bio oil petrol and oil, biogas and marine- and ship bunkering. Furthermore, we are experienced in transports of feed and are GMP+ certified.

The Dantra Group offers international import/export tank transport in all Europe with more than 110 custom-built tank vehicles with the following characteristics:  


  • stainless insulated tankers, heated/cooled
  • non-insulated tankers, stainless steel or aluminium tankers
  • coated tankers, chemical products.

Our tank vehicles are equipped with own pumps and compressors. Moreover, the hole fleet is satellite monitored.

Some of the trade’s most qualified drivers


Dantra drives for some of Europe’s most demanding transport customers such as oil- and petrol companies, the chemical industry and provisions industry. This experience has given our employees a high qualification level. Current driver training is done after a Masterdriver concept, where exchange of experiences and current training is a natural feature for a driver of Dantra. All drivers are trained in first aid, fire fighting, greasy road driving and transports of dangerous goods. Moreover, Dantra' traffic safety policy ‘Traffic safety in the company’ sets clear objects and guidelines for defensive, energy-correct and economical driving.

Own certified tank cleaning plant


Some of the most important features of transports of liquid products are that the tank vehicles are chemically and biologically cleaned between every transport. Dantra has own top modern and approved tank cleaning plant in Hjøllund for both outside wash of the trucks and inside cleaning of tankers and hoses. For each cleaning the tank can be plumbed and a cleaning certificate is issued. In addition, regular hose pressure tests are part of the scheme too. The Cleaning plant is certified due to the ISO9001+14001, SQAS standard, and the EFTCO standard.  

Store hotel

If your company needs external storage capacity or tankers for liquid products for a period of time, Dantra offers various storage solutions. Moreover, we are able to offer a fenced and monitored parking site in Hjøllund.




If your company needs a highly specialized and competent cooperation partner for transports of liquid products, where risks are minimized by the implementation of the latest knowledge, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or mail for an informal talk about possibilities and prices.

Contact the department for international transpor

Logistics Direktor Marc Jeel

Tel.: +45 8798 3333 eller Mail: maj@dantra.dk