Core values


  • We believe in open and honest communication, where we treat each other with mutual respect.
  • We have challenging and motivating work assignments which our employees have a lot of influence in solving.
  • We invest in employees with the right skills and strive to keep educating and developing ourselves


  • With a century of experience, quality is not a coincident, but the result of a determined effort.
  • Our skilled, independent, and competent employees guarantee that our customers are serviced professionally
  • We only use material that meets the highest standards and have gathered all the expertise in our own house.
  • Therefore, we can execute a safe, sustainable and environmentally conscious transport.


  • As Denmark’s and one of Scandinavia’s providers of transport of liquid chemical and technical products with more than 260 units, we offer both domestic and international transports.
  • Our management structure and multitude of driving units make us flexible on a short timeframe and ensures fast decision-making. Our healthy economy and liquidity likewise ensure the possibility of creating growth with our partners.