Truck-and tankcleaning

Truck wash

We offer interior cleaning/wash and technical cleaning of tank trucks, silo trucks, tank containers and accessories. After wash and/or cleaning an EFTCO approved cleaning certificate can be issued, and the tank truck can be sealed.


As an extra service we offer pressure testing of unloading /hydraulics hoses in an approved pressure testing bench with options for pressure testing with air or water, along with a certificate.

Washing facilities and EFTCO approved tank cleaning facility

We offer washing facilities for exterior wash of most types of trucks, tank trucks and trailers.

We offer both brush washes with our modern washing facility, special quick-washes, as well as manual wash. Therefore, we can wash special road trains, for instance tanks or silotrucks, refridgerated/freezer trucks, tarpaulin trucks and container trucks, as well as construction machinery etc. Furthermore we wash vans and flatbed trucks.

Contact info for the car wash:

Phone: +45 2268 3399 or e-mail:

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 07.30 – 18.00
Saturday 08.00 – 12.00 – by appointment only






Environmental focus

At Dantra Group we stress the importance of the environment, and we continuously develop our facilities in accordance with the latest regulations. The facility separates, reuses and cleans large parts of the detergents and chemicals, as well as the water used. We remain in close dialogue with the environmental authorities, and we are both ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. In addition, the cleaning facility is SQAS and EFTCO certified.


If your company wants to present itself with a fleet of clean, nicely maintained trucks, tanks and trailers, or if you need to have your material cleaned and a cleaning certificate issued, we would be pleased to make an offer based on your requirements and needs.

The cleaning facility can be contacted by:

Phone: +45 2268 3399 or email:

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 07.30 – 18.00
Saturday 08.00 – 12.00 – by appointment only